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Autopour pourer 5 cl

69 kr
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Product Description:

Autopour drip cap 5 cl is a drip cap that automatically dispenses 5 cl.
Hold the bottle with a 45 degree tilt when using.

The color and appearance of this drip cap may vary.

Before use:
Moisten the drip cap before placing it on the bottle. Prime the drip cap before using it: after placing the drip cap in the bottle, close the opening with your thumb and turn the bottle upside down for a short while, so that the alcohol soaks the inside of the drip cap.

When using:
A ball moves inside the drip cap (not the one in the colored part) and it must be at the bottom when the drip cap begins to be used.
When the bottle is then kept tilted at 45 degrees, the ball slowly begins to move towards the bottle opening and when you see that it reaches the top, the flow is turned off.

If the bottle is kept at too small an angle, the ball remains in its initial position and the bottle can be emptied in one swipe. Hold the bottle at such a slope so that the ball moves towards the bottle opening.

Fits most liquor bottles on the market. Exceptions for bottles with an outer diameter of more than 33 mm.

Do not machine wash
Hand wash in max 50 degrees
Not used for liqueurs
Used only for spirits, is not 100% reliable for wine and does not work for water.

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