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Growler uKeg Pro Stainless steel 3.8 liters

2 495 kr
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Product Description:

Growler uKeg Pro Stainless steel 3.8 liters for you who want to keep the beer cold longer and who appreciate the right level of carbonation in the beer. A really delicious Growler.

When you have filled the cage and adjusted the desired carbon dioxide level with a 16-gram carbon dioxide cartridge, the Growler keeps the correct carbon dioxide level automatically.

The carbon dioxide is easily supplied via a carbon dioxide cartridge that is easily replaced after use. Modern design with double vacuum-insulated closure.

Pressure gauge - Easy to read gauge to see PSI (pressure).
Visible glass - Shows how much drink is left.

1 uKeg - Keeps the drink chilled with the right carbon dioxide content
2 pcs carbon dioxide cartridges
1 Special tool for disassembly / assembly
1 extra gasket for the regulator

Width: 235 mm
Height: 303 mm

Item ID:
KEE GWA1002-ST-NB-00

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