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More Wine 4 pack

579 kr
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Product Description:

Design: Erika Lagerbielke

In her series More, Erika has combined all of her knowledge about stemware, beverages and aromas into three glasses custom made to work with all beverages from wine and champagne to whiskey or soft drinks. So much knowledge and hard work distilled into something so obvious and beautiful. More is the only glass you need!

By focusing on the multifunction of the glasses we release cabinet space, the crystal glasses are machine washable and we sell them in 4-packs so that you will be able to socialize and enjoy your beverage of choise no later than tonight. Once you weigh a multitumbler in the palm of your hand, spin the beverage around in the round shapes of the glass and enjoy the taste and aroma it gives you, you're a fan for life. More is more!

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