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Final Touch On the Rock Glass and Ice Ball Mould

249 kr
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Product Description:

For a special way to enjoy your tipple the On The Rocks glass is ideal. In the middle of the glass is a raised peak in the shape of a mountain or rock which creates a natural liquid motion increasing the nosing and aromas. The silicone Ice Mould included will produce an ice ball 5cm in diameter – you simply snap the mould closed, fill with water to the indicated line and freeze. When frozen remove and release the ball of ice and place in your Rock glass. Then comes the good part as the shape of the glass and the Rock inside allows you to gently roll the ice ball around the glass chilling your drink evenly and being a large ball of ice it melts much slower so does not dilute your drink. The glass is 9cm x 9cm and holds 8 oz / 250 ml.

It is presented in a very smart gift tube.

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