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Christmas giftbag Carlsberg beer glass 40 cl

199 kr
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Christmas bag in sackcloth with red ribbon that contains a Carlsberg can opener, lozenges from Mackmyra and an elegant beer cup from Carsberg and their new glass series. A perfect gift package, already wrapped in the Christmas bag. Very suitable Christmas present for everyone who loves Carlsberg and tasty snacks.

NOTE: Taste of Mackmyra pastilles is chosen randomly or according to availability between the varieties Swedish Oak or Swedish Smoke.

40 cl Carlsberg beer cup.

"Probably the best beer in the World", if you ask the brewery itself. And the popularity shows that there is undeniably something in this.

This solid beer glass on foot has a straight cup that tapers slightly towards the top to bring out aromas in the best way. The front is adorned with Carlsberg's logo in white. On the back, the brewery's founder Jacob Christian Jacobsen's signature is vertically over the glass. Carlsberg's classic slogan runs around the solid foot. The bottom of the glass is marked with nucleation points to bring out the perfect bubbles in your beer.

Mackmyra pastiller

Ingredienser: Sötningsmedel (maltitol, sorbitol, steviolglykosider) Stabiliseringsmedel (gummi arabicum), lakritsextrakt, whisky 5% ( Mackmyra Svensk Ek eller Mackmyra Svensk Rök), aromer, vegetabiliska oljor (kokos, raps), ytbehandlingsmedel (karnubavax).

Innehåller sötningsmedel, överdriven konsumtion kan ha en laxerande verkan.

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