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Alco spray 50 ml

This product has been discontinued, please click the link below for replacement product
Hand disinfection alcohol free 600 ml

Product Description:

Alcospray desinfection 50 ml for hand and body that protects against and kills both viruses and bacteria effectively.
A new skin disinfectant spray developed as e.g. hand alcohol to reduce the risk of virus infection with a unique emollient and moisturizing effect.
Used to disinfect hands and other parts of the body as well as to prevent infections in wounds and burns, perfect to have on hand in the kitchen, bar or restaurant.

Very versatile antibacterial and antiviral spray that you apply without touch from virtually all angles and which moisturizes the skin during use.

The size of the spray bottle makes it easy to take it in your pocket or bag, good to have in the car after a visit to the store, etc. to disinfect your hands.
• Antiviral and antibacterial (fights both viruses and bacteria)
• Phospholipids counteract the drying effect of alcohol and leave the skin soft and moisturized.
• Quick-drying
• Applied without touch

Meets standards below
EN 14476 (Antiviral)
EN 1500 (Antibacterial)

Item ID:
ECO 390167

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